Dr. Glenn Miller Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Even the simplest dental treatments need to be performed with an eye for esthetic detail and with the latest techniques and technology. Dr. Miller treats all phases of dentistry with the understanding that the whole person is being treated, not just their teeth. With Dr. Miller you can feel comfortable knowing you are in good hands, whether it's to meet your basic dental needs or designing a new smile, changing that unsightly amalgam filled tooth, doing metal-free restorations, or filling in missing teeth or spaces. Dr. Miller uses his artistic ability to create restorations that look and feel natural. Cosmetic dentistry at it's finest is the blending of the science of dentistry with artistic abilities.

Teeth whitening

tooth colored filling restorations for anterior & posterior teeth


porcelain ceramic crowns

onlays & inlays

esthetic bondings

odontoplasty (tooth shaping)

DIAGNOSTIC & PREVENTATIVE cosmetic dentistry dental
prosthodontics periodontics oral
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